Premium Care Warranty ESP – Best Pricing in Canada.

Looking for the best price on genuine Ford Canada Extended Warranty?  Look no further!  We’re a large genuine Ford dealer who sells genuine Ford Extended Warranty (ESP) for a lot less than your local Ford store!  

…We’re not trying to brag, it’s just the facts.  The truth is, we use a high volume pricing paradigm that rewards customers with fantastic pricing advantages so we are able to meet our massive sales volume goals.  It’s simple – you want a genuine Ford Canada Premium Care ESP warranty at a lower price than your local Ford store is offering… and we need to meet our lofty sales target.  Here are the most common questions we get…

Is it the same warranty?  
– Yes, of course!  We’re a large Ford store who sells the exact same Ford’s as every other Ford store in Canada. We sell the same parts, the same servicing and the same warranties and maintenance plans. The only difference is price!

I live on the other side of the country, can I still buy warranty from you? 
– As long as you purchased your Ford (or Lincoln) in Canada, you can buy from us!  If you bought in Canada, you’re good to go!

I am beyond my 3 year / 60,000km warranty that came with my Ford… Can I still extend my Warranty with you? 
– Yes!  You just need to pass a vehicle inspection. Any Ford store in Canada can perform the inspection… and we’ll pay for it!  YES… If you purchase the warranty from us, we will pay for your vehicle inspection!!!   If your vehicle does not pass the inspection, you will need to pay for the parts and labour required to bring it up to the inspection standards, and when that’s done, we’ll reimburse you for the original inspection when you purchase the warranty from us!

Long story short, we try our best to make the process as easy and efficient as possible to get you rolling with protection as quickly as possible!