Ford Canada Extended Warranty - ESP - FAQ

Can anyone buy a Ford Extended Warranty?

Only people who have purchased a Ford or Lincoln vehicle in Canada are eligible for a Authorized Ford Extended Service Plan.  Likewise, your vehicle must be 11 model years old or newer, with under 160,000 kms.  Vehicles with under 100,000kms have more options, but generally most whom are within the above criteria is eligible.

Even if your new vehicle warranty has expired, you can still get extended coverage!  There are a few requirements that must be met, but we will explain and help you through these easy steps!

I bought my Ford/Lincoln on the other side of the country, you can sell me a warranty?

You got it!  It doesn't matter where in Canada you bought your new (or used) Ford or Lincoln, we can sell you a genuine Ford Extended Service Plan (ESP).  It's literally the exact same Ford warranty that you were pitched at your local Ford store...just a better price!

How do i pay you for this?

Many different ways!  We have many avenues of payment that are convenient no matter where you live!  We're experts at long distance transactions!  From over the phone, to money transfers and Paypal... we can take care of it!

Are there payment plans?

No. We no longer offer payment plans.  We are currently seeking a new finance partner, we will update the website when this service is offered again.

Can I cancel / refund my Extended Warranty Contract?

Yes. If you have not made a claim against the Ford Extended Servicing contract, you are entitled to a full refund (and subsequent automatic cancellation) within 30 days of purchase.

If your vehicle is written off (after 30 days) you're entitled to a pro-rated amount determined by Ford of Canada (not the dealership).

Can I take my vehicle to any Ford/Lincoln dealership?

Yes!  You can take your Ford or Lincoln to literally ANY Ford store in NORTH AMERICA for warranty work!  Travel over the border worry free, Ford stores in America can help you all the same as Canadian dealers!

How do I know my warranty purchase is registered properly?

When we complete the authorized paperwork for your warranty, we are required by Ford of Canada to register it in a timely manner. Part of our protocol in ensuring 100% customer satisfaction is printing off the Ford of Canada warranty registration document that shows your VIN is now registered with Ford of Canada. Likewise, when that is complete (as part of your purchase package), you can easily verify by calling any Ford Store's service department...they punch in your VIN and can tell you your extended coverage details.

What if I sell my vehicle with coverage still on it?

Transfer - The purchaser of your vehicle can take over the contract to maintain the warranty coverage.  See your local Ford Store to transfer the coverage accordingly. It's approximately $100 to transfer, both the seller and purchaser must sign a document.

Pro-Rated Credit - Ford Canada will give you a pro-rated credit of the unused portion of your coverage towards the purchase of a new contract on your next Ford/Lincoln vehicle.